How to upload files to TTPhoto’s Dropbox file request?

How to upload files to TTPhoto's Dropbox file request?

When you click Choose Zipped File button on our Order page. It will redirect to our TTPHOTO Dropbox file request feature. And from here you can upload your file directly to our Dropbox without login.

Here is the guide:
1. Make sure you have zipped your file if you have more than only one file that want to send it to us.
2. Drag and drop file from your computer over the Dropbox window. Once you have selected your Zipped file, the window will look like this.
  • While you won’t need a Dropbox account to upload file, you will need to leave a name and email address in the field at the bottom. Please use the same info as you did at Order page.
  • Once they hit the blue Upload button, you will get a confirmation that your file went through.
  • Should you have missed a file, you still get the option to upload more files.

You’ll also get an email confirming what you uploaded. Please make sure you’ve seen this message or received a confirmation email from Dropbox before going back to Order page and submit your order.

That’s all! Let us know if you need any support. Thank you!

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